My Weekend Trip to Reykjavik, Iceland

Hello again lovely readers, sorry for my short absence but life is really getting busier. As I have been so horrible about blogging about life in Glasgow I will probably just end up doing a best of February post closer towards the end of the month/at the beginning of March. For now though here are... Continue Reading →


A Weekend in Stockholm, Sweden

This weekend a couple friends and I executed our first official weekend trip of the semester and went to Stockholm, Sweden. The city was a magical snow covered wonderland and treated us very well. Friday was mostly dedicated to travel. The struggle of student budget travel is it's not always the most efficient but we... Continue Reading →

Semester in Scotland: Weeks 2 and 3

Hello lovely readers, sorry for the delay in posting but week 2 in bonnie Scotland was relatively uneventful so I didn't feel there was enough to scrape together a blog post. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of week 2 were nothing to write home about, mostly just spending time with friends and building a sense of... Continue Reading →

Week 1 in Bonnie Scotland

I arrived and I functioned, relatively successfully I would say, in Scotland for one whole week! It's been a bit of a whirlwind, overwhelming and a little nerve wracking sometimes and exciting and incredible the other times. I still haven't totally adjusted or settled in but I am getting there. Anyway let's get into a... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow’s the Day!

Bags are pretty much packed, travel guides have been read, passport is out and ready, and nerves and excitement are running high because tomorrow is departure day! I can't believe it, I thought maybe the closer it got the more real it would feel but it has, in fact, been the opposite. I feel more... Continue Reading →

1 Month to Departure Day!

Exactly one month from today I will be sitting in the airport waiting to board the flight which will lead me to the adventure of a lifetime. This is a trip I have been planning for years and years and I cannot believe that it is so close. Finishing up finals and getting everything all... Continue Reading →

T-2 Months til Scotland!

Two months from tomorrow I leave for my semester abroad in Scotland! I can't believe it! I've been dreaming about this adventure for years yet it still doesn't feel real. I've been itching to make a new post so I figured I would give an update on what my preparation process has been like in... Continue Reading →

Week 3 in Puebla/Mexico City

Hello again! Sorry for the tardiness of this post but, as much as I love it, travel is tiring and I took some time for myself to rest, relax, and recover. Now though I'm ready to reflect back on my whirlwind last week in Mexico, I can already feel my longing to be back in... Continue Reading →

Week 2 in Puebla, Mexico

I've now spent two weeks living and studying in Puebla, Mexico. The time has really flown and I can't believe I only have one week left. This has been a week for settling in to life here although I still have lots of awe filled, wow I am really in Mexico and this place is... Continue Reading →

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